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Elementary English

Advanced English

  • Advance English - Course Book
    • Simple, student-centred texts are used to teach fundamental language skills – reading, vocabulary, writing, speaking and listening.
    • Grammar and language items are introduced in an easy-to-grasp format.
    • Vocabulary building using puzzles, riddles, word grids and games.
    • Speaking and listening activities designed to help students communicate with correct pronunciation.
  • Advance English - Course Book
    • Workbook units correlate to the Coursebook units in terms of language skills.
    • Fun-filled exercises help reinforce concepts.
    • Grammar and vocabulary exercises provide additional practice for reinforcement and consolidation.
  • Advance English - Course Book
    • Handbook containing teaching ideas, strategies and resource material.
    • Along with answers for the exercises of coursebooks and worksbooks, teachers are also provided with pronunciation guides, word meanings, and additional information on all the chapters. 
  • Advance English - Course Book

    Audio CD to be used in class, at home for additional practice or in the language lab to focus on oral communication. Each track comprises:


    • The text
    • Pronunciation guide
    • Spellings
    • Listening
    • Speaking
    • Everyday English