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Connect kids with books they want to read!

Scholastic Book Fairs serve to promote the habit of reading in school-going children. By offering children a wide selection of books and related material through the school system, we wish to give them an opportunity to read by choice and not by compulsion.

Each year, Scholastic, in partnership with schools across the country, hosts approximately 4000 fairs that give more than 1.6 million students access to thousands of books from various genres, helping foster a lifelong love of reading. Scholastic Book Fairs’ team of book experts – former educators, booksellers, and Book Fair veterans – reviews thousands of titles and provides age/grade appropriate and fun books that kids would love to read!

Add to it the exciting activities that brings kids of all ages together in this fun-filled event. Scholastic Book Fairs is truly a place to be for readers of all ages!

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